Texas style rock and roll coming to you from the southern tip of Texas on the Gulf coast along the Texas-Mexico border.

“Music is merely an expression of a multitude of emotions, personality, and experiences brought forth and conveyed through instrumentation and voice. From the club stage to the concert stage and all points in between, Sidewinder hopes to see you sometime soon!”

Band Bio

Welcome! We are Sidewinder, the rock trio comin’ at ya from way down on the tip of Texas, USA!

Feel free to browse around and check us out. You won’t find any of us wearing shades indoors. You will not find any bling, big hats, or make up; save that for the circus. Nor will you find any artificial image or attitude or inflated egos. But, what you will find are three regular guys who share a common passion for good music.

We love to rock and roll and if you are here that means
you do to! Thanks for stopping by to look and listen!

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My Country

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